The Veil

by None At Last

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released May 31, 2010

None At Last | Bajo Presión Records




None at Last Guatemala

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Track Name: Fear Song
Fear Song

far between distance, I’m alone I’m just too old and blind that I’m crazy
this is a truth, I’ve been dying listening you talking about what I was
alive and sick inside nicotine periods and my anemic situation its completely out
of reason so you must give me back my present...

am I the one who walks in loneliness?
am I the one whose life is in disgrace?
am I the one?

paint over my body maybe helps you to calm your fear
cos my soul its already naked with nobody to blame...

we've been formed from seeds in different fields
so I’ll go and find my season to grow...

things are overpaid I’m gonna disappear
I will return with the rising sun!!!

we've been formed from seeds in different fields
so I already found my reason to grow...
I’ve bee waiting for this...
Track Name: The Veil
The Veil

alive proxy of the quarter ideas
parallel silent chemistry, could just veer
repeating after unknown witness,
who are the passengers that breathe
from the envelopes oxygen?

we can be that fragrance...
we can be that light...

our veil near in time, other way, that make sense.
our veil near in time...
you begin with my end...
you begin with my end...


inside the distance our beauty has been created
I've played like a server, now I believe
the light is holding madness!!!
Track Name: From One Point To Another
From One Point To Another

today something has gone, someone its wrong
dropping confessions beside crib, to wound slightly in the head,
unhurt and rusty pendent, making me spread a subliminal cradle,
so I most destroy the lust of my truly addiction
down to the only open mess...

I pick the mute conversation, worry to understand
the meaning of this relief from pain
and the advice to stay holy in the middle...
of this farrow so I’ll surrender my sins
of this farrow so I...

I will drop the act
forward the sermon
prudent to drill my skin

crashing against I’m trying so hard
can you see? I know you will,
innocence one step behind
her I am for the last time
and I swear eyes will look and understand...

I will drop the act
forward the sermon
prudent to drill my skin
Track Name: 7 Halos (Lovely Murder)
7 Halos (Lovely Murder)

I'm coming...
believe me I will know...
how delicate is your skin.

in devotion tags
in every flavor
make me say it you and I...
out of this world...

impact gave us solutions
I'll survive, I guess.
you will survive?
I hope you do.
I hope you do!

you are the one
who clean by a long raining view
you are the one
special guest in my room
in my road...

I'm riding...
the addicted cycle
that will keep us
in touch...